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  I am a Sports Therapist and have been for a number of years. During the time whilst treating sport orientated people, I needed to recommend that in between visits they treat themselves with hot or cold packs.

  I was unable to readily recommend places to purchase these of a quality I would expect, so we decided to manufacture our own brand.  

  That was more than 17 years ago and since that time My Wife and I have added many different items each designed to be the markets best, to treat many specific problems.

  I  am also a fully qualified Aromatherapist this allows me to blend essential oils to assist in the treatment by adding to certain items, mainly the Cooleze range.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our products. Each one is made by  My loving wife Sheila each style is individually designed by us and All Items contain added ”Lufu”, for you to take full benefit from all the natural herbs, seeds, flowers and pure essential oils. These are the totally 100 % pure natural oils of plants flowers shrubs and trees.

proved not to interact with other drugs.


Lavender heads of good quality are used in all of our Lavender Products which is imported from Provence straight from a co-operative into South of England.

Brown flax seed is used in all our Cooleze packs and is of food grade.

The wheat we use is hand sieved to remove any dust that may be present.

Both types of Mint are used, Ordinary Mint and Peppermint, both of which are food grade.

The dried Chamomile flowers  used are of the finest quality and are food grade.

Fuggle Hops is used in the making of our Hop wands these are used to treat insomnia  we call them  Hop n kip, the aroma is a Soporific but has a distinct strong aroma. It is recommended to pair with Lavender wand for a goodnights sleep

Member of the International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapists (MIIHHT)  Reg  No   152935

Member of the Institute of Certified Holistic Therapists   (MICHT)  Reg  No    35940

Member of the Federation of  Holistic Therapists (MFHT)

Listed on the Accredited  Voluntary Register, Who set standards for organisations that hold voluntary registers for people working in a variety of  health and social care occupations. able to work in the NHS, Within my qualified positions and, qualified to treat BUPA patients for accidental injuries and recovery practices and much more.

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Memberships and Profesional Qualifications

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Rice N Warm.

Rice is used in these packs as the heat carrier and has the ability to get hotter, but we made them for people who have an allergy to wheat. May also be used for cold by freezing like our Cooleze items.