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Top up Vials


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Life’s Treasures

Lavender Goods for anyone

All the colours are representative only,
as colours may be displayed differently on different Computers.
But they are as near as possible.
wp55be2d67.png ImportedGraphic00005.jpg
Sky Blue
Lime Green
Navy Blue
Dark Blue
Piller Box Red

Amparo Blue

Wedge only  cool


Cool Collar Only

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Kids colours Cooleze
Dark Pink

Eye Pillows all Aromas

Foot Coolers (Cool Pack)

(Lavender & Peppermint)

Cool Collar

Cool Wedge

Dragons (Dark Green)

Foot Cooler /Cold Pack only

Butterfly’s (turquois)

Foot Cooler /Cold Pack


Butterfly’s (Black)

Foot Cooler / Cold Pack only

Dragons (bright Red)

Foot Cooler / Cold pack only

Butterfly’s (Red)

Foot Cooler / Cold pack only

Butterfly’s (Blue)

Foot Cooler / Cold pack only

Material Colours and Patterns used on Cooleze products