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Top up Vials
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They are sold along with a top up vial that should allow it to last around 9 months  if you then purchase a 10 mil bottle of 100% pure essential oil of Marjoram from your local body shop etc and top up the vial from this as the vial stopper is the doser.

If anything other than the three damp rings from the vial stopper is used to top up it will be too much and destroy the Aromatherapy properties.

The disruption of the sleep cycles of family members can cause a hazard.  Studies have indicated that regular sleep disruption can cause sufferers to perform motor skills below the levels of individuals who have only drunk to the legal level of  intoxication! So it is likely that your snoring could be a real threat to your loved ones, because impaired reaction behind the wheel of an automobile can lead to disaster.

In use the Snore Stop is kept in your freezer then placed under the pillow slip to one side of the head of the person that snores.

The cold air opens up the airway and this allows the aroma to work on the Uvula or the soft upper palate tissue and the Epiglottis.

This was another challenge for us to supply something that works, we tried numerous types including warm pads, this was a total No No.

We tried cold and our blend of herbs and essential oils and tried them on friends and work associates, and voila a success which was around 97% confirmation, one couple tried it with full success for three nights but forgot to use it on the fourth night, but had to fetch it upstairs because of the snoring and it stopped it almost instantly.

This is our finest yet a ”Snore Stop” that really works without awkward contraptions that lift and spread the nose, and stops the bruises from your partners elbow.

This came about because a customer saw our insomnia wands (Hop”n” Kip) and jokingly said that they could sleep but wanted something to stop the partner snoring had we got anything?

Look in the Cooleze section for our   Snore Stop (Anti Snore) With a street value of £16.00+ but cost less Than a third and maintaining the active ingredient will cost around £1.50 per year.  Forget paying from £15 up to £30 for a piece of plastic to stick up your nose or a shirt with Golf balls in the back or maybe more than £100 for plastic bite guards which act like a plastic door with a hole in it, or even the head strap that looks like medieval torture item. .ours are available for under £6.00.

Proven by Myth Busters on TV


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