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The use of aromatic oils on the body goes back to at least

200 BC, there are records in the bible of the use of plants

and their oils both in the treatment of illness and for

religious services.

The Egyptians used them widely both as cosmetics and for

Embalming in order to delay decomposition, they were known

In china, perhaps even before that time, when their use gradually spread to the

Greeks and Romans who of course brought the idea to Britain.

Aromatherapy is a subject which, at least in England. Has so far been steeped in magic and mystery; this may give it a certain amount of appeal. But it also creates a certain amount of confusion and misunderstanding

And leaves most people in a state

of relative ignorance.

What is Aromatherapy?

  Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine in the sense that it is an attempt to heal through medicines of boating origin, herbal medicine is based on the organic principle of using the whole herb or its extracts.

Essences are like the blood of  a person, they are not the whole plant, but are whole organic substances in themselves, like blood they will die (lose potency) if they are not properly preserved, like blood they incorporate the characteristics or spirit of the plant.

The properties of  herbs and their essences may be much the same but the therapeutic action itself is different.

   Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to promote health  and beauty, it is a treatment designed to help by  the correct use and application of essential oils that have been obtained from petals, leaves etc the word aroma means fragrance or sweet smell. Therapy means treatment therefore it means to treat with a sweet smell but this could be a misnomer as not all essential oils smell sweet and some smell terrible on their own but when blended correctly will still be excellent..  As the fragrance of  a plant is its essential oil it is easy to see that.

                         Aromatherapy is treatment using essential oils.

Background of Aromatherapy

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