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Pebble path  area
Pedieze pockets


Reflexology - (Pseudo)

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Pedieze (Pair)

Reflexology Map (Pedieze)

Helps to restore circulation to tired aching legs and feet

Pebble Path area

One of our customers uses her Pedieze set whilst ironing and says it makes the  job less daunting! And is less tiring.

Our Pedieze pockets are designed to help with the circulation of the feet and lower legs and were initially aimed at the long haul flight passenger to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

But are equally as effective in the older person to increase their circulation and are perfect for the Diabetic who suffer with their feet and toes.

The Pedieze consist of two pockets of strong cotton the length of which is large enough for your foot and have in each up to 80 cob nuts of a size that is consistent with the width of the average thumb, this being the optimum target point (called a Cun) a  dimension used in Reflexology.

The size of the pocket only allows these to lay flat on the ground so as you place a foot on each pocket (no shoes) the sole of your feet makes contact with at least 70 points, do Not try to roll your foot but put your weight on the points (Do NOT) move the feet! In fact just slightly roll your body round slowly, side to side or back and forwards (as in Tai Chi) for 30 to 40 seconds. You will transfer the weight all over the sole and these will make contact with most of the points normally found and  pressed by the Reflexology practitioner.

If at any point you feel a sharp stabbing pain stand still and hold the pain until it disappears (remember the area where you felt the pain) when the pain or 30 seconds have passed at  this point just rotate your body once to level out the points. (DO NO T) get off but go to your toes (See next)


Support your self lightly with your hands on a chair back or table edge lift your heels  so you are supported on your toes and balls of the feet, they will start and move like fingers on a piano keyboard trying to balance you, (you can try this anywhere with or without shoes and try it for yourself) this is massaging your toes and tightening  the calf muscles, (Soleus & Gastrocnemius (click fig 1) between these muscles pass the veins that return the old blood back up  to the heart to be renewed, this should only take about 20 seconds now lower your self down to just stand upright with your weight on both feet for a further 30 to 40 seconds this will stretch the skin and leave dimples all across the soles of your feet squeezing the lymph and blood into the veins to be refreshed, now when you place your feet on the floor and start walking your feet will tingle and feel alive and will slowly work up the calf of the leg this is the circulation working where the fresh blood and lymph is being refreshed into the soles of your feet.

Now if you felt a sharp pain, check the same point on the layout of the feet map, this will correlate to the organs which has treated some small upset (using reflexology) in the organ shown at that point. It does not have to be a major problem to feel better.

The design for Pedieze was taken from the design used in Japanese, and Chinese parks where they have a pebble path so that people can go and walk in stocking feet to practice what our ancestors took for granted. Solid soled shoes were not around then and their feet was massaged by all the uneven surfaces trodden at all times of day.


A full reflexology session takes in and treats many points on the top of the foot and around the ankle, a Reflexologist can treat  their own feet but they cannot treat the underside, Pedieze have been sold to many reflexologists so that they can give themselves a full massage otherwise they would have to do a buddy system and Swop  a session with another reflexologist to get treatment on the sole which is most of the main organs, see top of page (click fig2)

Fig 1

Fig 2