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wpd2edfc24.jpg Cold Collar
Foot Cooler  CFC


Eye pillow
wpd778fc64.jpg rules3.gif AN439.gif Snore Stop Anti Snore

This section of our range is best if stored in the self seal bag  in the freezer compartment, this means that the Essential oils will not evaporate whilst not in use and that the item will be available for use in an instant.

This range came about because customers were asking if our wheat bags could be used cold by putting in a fridge.  Some wheat bag suppliers were advertising that it could be used as such. I don’t think it is fair but yes it could be used in this way but this was only a step away from destroying  the wheat bag.

The wheat if mashed will give a dry powder so the only way it could store cold is by  absorbing moisture this can cause the seed to go mould’y  and smell or even cause the wheat to germinate and start growing.

It was then decided that if there were a market for cold packs we would try and supply  them, I looked for a seed that could stand the cold and not absorb water readily  so the flax seed was the choice as it has a high oil content and when sealed in a zip lock bag and kept in the freezer didn’t go hard and was  cold enough to treat any  aches or pains (and prolong the life of the Essential oils when used, and preserves the oil in the flax seed) without attempting to freeze the skin  as gel filled ice packs are prone to do if used for more than 20 minutes.

It uses a principal used in huge transformers where oil is used to pull the heat away from the core.

In our travels we have learned that more people suffer with hot feet than is generally known so we decided to produce a cool feet pack treated with Peppermint and  Lavender again kept in the freezer until required for use. This can be used with the bag on for the feet then just wipe down the bag with a damp cloth before putting it back in the freezer. Remove the plastic outer to cool down the neck, chest, arm etc.

This has been  acclaimed by  associates that have undergone Chemotherapy  as this creates an uncomfortable burning sensation).

Snore Stop /Anti Snore

These are now in their 15 year of production  

Which have been  proved to work exceptionally well for everyone in fact some customers have been and purchased more for other members of their family and friends who are also affected by the snoring.

None of our hot or cold packs contain any chemicals and the make up of our snore pack  is no exception it is constructed of  Polyester cotton outer filled with Lufu and flax and the herb marjoram and spiked with Marjoram Essential Oils.        

Binomial name Origanum majorana /  thymus masticina

These are frozen in a freezer and tucked under the pillow case at night. On top of the pillow in front of the face of the person that snores this allows them to breath in the cold air which opens up the airway and then inhale the aromas, which work on the soft upper palate tissue or the lower epiglottis. And have to be used to be believed.

This last unit is a childs Bump Pab which is covered on the crech and kids page this has been acclaimed as a godsend by aeveryone that has tried and owns one it is kind for the tumble prone child that if they do bang themselves they will fetch the bump pad themselves.

It is also good for achilees tendon problems as it can be slipped in the sock. And it lives in the freezer until required.

Top n Tail Wedge

There is a new addition or modification for Rheumatism, Arthriris, Osteoarthritis . There are 4 different units namely Cooleze lumbar packs being 6 or 4 panels and the Cooleze mitt followed by the pillow chiller 4 panel.

Another use we have tried is The pillow Chiller which in reality is a lumber pack 4 panel but it has worked remarkably well tucked inside the pillow slip and works its magic for up to 2 hours as it is larger than your head so if you turn over you roll onto another part of the pillow

Also the mitt which is self explanatory. It is a ccool pack for the hands or feet, they fit inside.

Cooleze Mitt  CM

Cooleze Lumbar Pack 6 Panel

Anti Snore / Snore Stop

Bump Pad  CBP








Cooleze Lumbar Pack 4 panel


Cooleze Pillow Chiller

Wedge Top n Tail