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The eye pillows are made with Lufu and Brown Flax seed which makes it perfect for freezing and will be destroyed if they are warmed
The freezing preserves the flax seed, herbs and the essential oils which will give it a life span of  3 or more years, providing the “Top Up” and “Care” instructions are followed correctly.  When using the eye pillow it uses the “transformer effect see below.”
Relaxing nice to us, after an hectic day giving the chance to recuperate, or whilst having a massage.
Spearmint, Peppermint,
Lavender & Eucalyptus
The aroma is a gentle and relaxing mix which has a blend of all four herbs and all four essential oils of which Spearmint is the strongest.

Eucalyptus and Peppermint
Both these oils are predominantly taken from the leaf , these are very effective in the treatment of Migraine or headaches or associated types, as floral oils have a tendency to trigger or worsen Migraines. “Our best selling choice”
Un Perfumed
Still for the eyes but without any herbs or oils for people who do not know if the person they are buying for likes any of our blends.
All of the above can be used on any bumps or strains and placed on the breast bone and under the chin perfect for anyone going through the change

Our oversized 254 mm  x 102 mm (4” x 10”) Cotton  eye Pillows are made with Lufu, and soothing Flax seed. These high  quality eye pillows provide endless comfort for a variety  of ailments including headaches, stress migraines, allergy problems and more. Use by laying across your forehead, eyes and temples for as little as 5 Minutes shrinks the capillaries clearing out the old blood and lymph to be replaced with fresh blood which refreshes the eyes reducing dark circles and puffy eyes. One customer likened it to having the eyeballs taken out polished and put back in.

Sooth Sore, Tired and Allergy  Eyes


Excellent Headache Relief!

Great for falling Asleep and Tension Headaches.

Aromatherapy products make great gifts, Give Comfort for Mind, Body and Soul

Eye Pillows Range

Therapeutic Quality

We produce five varieties of eye pillows (see list below) that are designed to assist in treating different ailments such as Sinus problems, tired eyes and headaches. And with the free 2 ml vial of Essential Oil will allow the aroma to last for around 3 years There is also an un-perfumed variety which can give service for Longer. (Up to 7 years) Further supplies of vials with 2 ml of oils for top up can be purchased separately.

Sooths tired itchy Allergy eyes

Relieves Headaches.

Comforting  after long hours at a computer. screen.

Ideal for Meditation or napping.

Relieves stress and mental fatigue.

The gentle weight and cold eases pressure and blocks out light..

Reduces puffy eyes.

Sooths frazzled nerves and stressed bodies.

Reduces the dark rings under the eyes.

It feels really, really good.

Transformer effect of using cold Flax Seed

If in your travels you see an Item like the one pictured  alongside  then you are seeing an oil cooled transformer (this is an 11 kilo volt (11.000 volt)) the transformer attains a heat that would melt the core and cause an explosion so they pump or enclose  the core in a bath of oil, here the oil pulls the heat from the core. All our Cooleze products make use of this phenomena. If using anything else like a bag of peas or gel filled packs or even an ice cube, these are designed to transfer the cold to you, so if ice is used it has a tendency to drive the heat deeper into the epidermis and if you keep them on too long they can cause ice burn and damage to the skin cells, this is not possible with our Cooleze Range as they can be applied direct to the skin with no risk of freezing the skin, as the oil seed is pulling the heat from you,

11.000 Volt

Oil filled


Descriptions, Aromas  & Suggestions for Specific Problems