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You will find many items that you know  exist,  but for every one you know, there are four more that you are not aware of and those you do know, will appear in various other styles or sizes

You will find proven natural  treatments for many everyday problems, such as sleep disorders, backache, strained muscles, rheumatism, tired eyes, hay fever, stiff necks, aching shoulders, earache,  hot or cold feet, and many others too numerous to mention on this page. Look out for the Lumber packs they make a perfect replacement for the hot water bottle with no risk of scalding, no burst bottles and subsequent soaking bed, and doesn't  waken you to kick them out of bed because they are cold, ours keep the heat of the bed, only need around 2 min in the microwave, only 1 min  for a child and even less for a baby, they don’t have any lumps (stopper) and can be laid on comfortably by adults for a bad back. Our 6 panel Lumbar is recommended for holding around the back, it is long enough to reach round the sides. We are assured that the Small Square is perfect for Menstrual tummy pains,

Pictured above are a selection of Wheat bags and Cooleze  bags Wheateze bag range :- Mitt, 2 sizes of Lumber packs 4 or 6 panel, Hand warmers, Small Square, Collar Extra long fluted  27” long, all together 6 Varieties for heat.   Cooleze range :- Bump Pads, Eye pillows 4 aromas, Foot Cooler, Snore Stop, Mitt and the Wedge for (specific Upper and Lower back disorders),     Extras range Lavender wands, Hops wands, bags of Lavender, Sachets of Lavender. Plus Pedieze (Psudo Reflexology)            

This site is divided into two main parts one gives you information  about the items we make and have for sale, and gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you are purchasing  and the Shopping Basket section gives you a consolidated description i.e. Colour available for heat or cold, children's, sports etc.etc.* All Purchases can be made by talking to us we don’t mind just click the red telephone and dial the number cost 3.9ppm.

We have set up a shopping cart that uses Pay Pal  now you can Phone us your order and pay using a credit card, or direct debit   You don’t need a Pay Pal Account !

* It is a suggestion! That if the colour is paramount to your order we suggest you phone 0845 1080 894 to confirm your choice is available.

Note this number could be an answer service if you select 2 leave your name number and time to call after, then we will Return your call.

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