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This is my design of blending assistant that will take less than a minute to find the best blend out of about a thousand, resulting in a kit that is very useful to even the Qualified Aromatherapist who can use the strips as an aid memoir supplying all the blends needed to give their clients a first class treatment and the ability to select the best blends for their Comfort, well being and treatment, of mind body and soul and for ageing skin, to help increase the texture & flexibility.

You can give your client their consultation and decide which symptoms you are going to treat I suggest no more than 3, (you will be aware of the categories needed) at this stage you can move away from your client, and within a  minute or two you will have selected the relevant cards placed them side by side, now to decide which of the “Top” “Middle” or “Bottom “notes  to use. Because you have all the oils side by side it is easy to choose which “Top” “Middle” or “Bottom “note to select which can treat all, most or the worst of your clients ailments, add the required amount of carrier oil and you have a synergy (it will take longer to mix than to find)

The kit contains a book of instructions, (Fig 1) a plastic container and a set of (100) plastic coated cards, these are divided into (12) categories each category is longer than the next so that all categories are in view (Fig 2) also each category has between (6 & 17) cards each, which are allocated a specific target area i.e. (Skin/Oily) each card lists by order of note i.e. (top. middle and base) all the Essential oils that can be used to treat that specific target. (32 different blends in this category (1 card only(Skin/Oily)) by selecting 1 EO from each note (using a maximum of 3 EOs from a possible 10 different EOs)

Also includes 18 Cards of  “Carrier oils”  with all their qualities and quantities to use to complete your caring attitude for your clients and lists all known vitamins and properties in any specific oil.

I have increased the usefullnes by adding a set of 6 cards under the heading of Psyche (These are in front of the carrier oils) and giving a whole list of EOs and stateing the effects made possible with different aromas having effects on the psyche (the human mind or soul (Greek Breath or soul)) of the recipient.

The booklet goes on to list all banned Essential Oils and all those to be avoided in  certain cases i.e. Epileptic, Pregnancy covering. Trimesters, Post and Stretch Mark treatments.

Also an addendum to guide their use during breast feeding.

Blending Kit Contents

Or “The Sweet Smell of Success”

Learn to mix Essential Oils for your own use

The only Blending  assistant of its kind

In the picture above, there is no carrier oil cards,

These sit right at the front in front of the “skin” set 18 cards in all and listing all their Properties and how much is suggested to mix and for what Problem i.e. Mature, or Fair skin some that help with Rheumatism etc, These are designed to be carried around so aiding the mobile Aromatherapist (everything is right at your fingertips even our instructions have only 12 pages includes front and back and 2 pages for your own personal blends).

There is also a couple of  blank cards for your own personal favourites (need fine permanent marker).in front of these are the 6 Psyche  cards mentioned above

Fig 1


The synergies made available when using these blending strips may NOT suit all clients. It is the responsibility of the user to test a small area on the client to prove suitability and to check any

Contra indications, prior to any treatment.

Any blends contained in these cards are for external use only and must be mixed with a carrier oil as indicated in.

"The Blending Instructions"

Fig 2

Page updated 7/3/18-22.-00

For theTop Note you could select either Eucalyptus or Sage, To treat Arthritis / Rheumatism card 1

For Middle Note

Juniper Card 2 is the one EO that is designed to treat all three complaints

For the Bottom note

We can see that Cinnamon and Clove appear in both cards1 & 2

Card 1

Card  2

Card  3

To get the very best out of your set of Blending Srips It is sugested that the cards are set out in this order, with the problem needing the most treatment  being allocated to card 1 position and pro rata

Instructions for the safe use of EOs

click to view

all the categories

Therefore your mix would have either Eucalyptus or Sage        TOP note

Juniper                        Mtddle Note

Cinnamon or Clove      Bottom Note

And the rquired base carrier oil to complete your synergy

© Copyright 1999

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