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We produce Hops wands nick named Hop n Kip these are for people who just can’t get to sleep or those who sleep only a few hours.

The idea started years ago because the workers in the German brewery's couldn't stay awake if they were shovelling the hops so their shift had to be divided into shorter hours shovelling,  as against other jobs within the brewery. The use of hops to treat insomnia therefore started in Germany and is widely used by them.

They  use hops like we use lavender.

((Now individually sealed with a single Lavender Wand) because of the strength and

invisible soporific (sleep inducing) properties)

Lavender has long been known to give a good relaxed sleep so with one of our lavender wands tucked into the end of your pillow case it will help you unwind after a hard days work.

Single @ £1.20

We also sell a pack of 3 lavender wands @ £3.20

When You Miss Some Zzzzzzzzzs...

One way to understand why we sleep is to look at what happens when we don't get enough sleep.

· As you know if you have ever attended an all-night party, missing one night of sleep is not fatal. A person will generally be irritable during the next day and will either slow down (become tired easily) or will be totally wired because of adrenalin.

· If a person misses two nights of sleep, it gets worse. Concentration is difficult, and attention span falls by the wayside. Mistakes increase.

· After three days, a person will start to hallucinate and clear thinking is impossible. With continued wakefulness a person can lose their grasp of reality. Rats forced to stay awake continuously will eventually die, proving that sleep is essential.

A person who gets just a few hours of sleep per night can experience many of the same problems over time.

Hop Wands and Lavender Wands

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Hops Wand Single

Lavender Wand single

Hops and Lavender

Can affect all stages of  sleeplessness does not involve taking medication and will remain active for up to 9 months, downside is that the hops is a strong aroma akin to gorgonzola cheese but if it works who cares it will not damage your health? (This aroma can be offset by  using a lavender wand alongside or maybe a dab of your favourite aroma). they  are designed to fit inside the pillow case flap, but will work even on the bedside table or under the bed,

Hops wands can get you through the REM stage then the Lavender will give you a deeper more relaxed sleep in the NREM stage


Random Eye Movement


No Random Eye Movement

Lavender wands single

Lavender wands pack of three

Hops and Lavender

Full Monty

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Hops & Lavender

Pack of three Lavender wands