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Life’s Treasures





Height around 10” x overall width around 10” x  Depth around 2”

3D Fairy Doors


Are designed and hand finished By Our Daughter

These Items are not designed as a toy but as a tool in the relative hum drum life of to-day to bring calmness to both adult and child alike also something that can be passed down if appropriate.

It allows calming thoughts to float, children can talk to their friends even leave little notes to their new friends,

It can be an opportunity for possible bullying to be found out from these notes.

They are made for the discerning person/child and designed to fit by a wall on a shelf or staircase to become a point of interest for an adored child. Notes and small gifts can be left by the fairy for good behaviour (tooth fairy) and they in turn can leave a small token inside the door for their friend.

£20 with owners title

We offer a small number of variations such as colour mix choice of three models