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Victorian Style Muff supplied with two integral heat bags

Victorian style Muff

Useful for: -


Poor Circulation


Osteo arthritis


White Finger,

This is our design which has an internal pocket that can hold a heat bag inserted to give added warmth to a loved one who has to sit for an hour or two in a wheelchair in all types of cold weather.

Gloves are a help but even they can be cold and almost impossible to wear when the fingers are bent and disfigured ,even mitts can be a hindrance in certain conditions and can easily be lost in transit.

To describe the makeup of our Muff, it is lined with faux lambs wool the out side is heavy weight red material selected for it’s ruggedness and strength.

It has a loop of cord that is designed to hang from the neck meaning that it cannot be lost but is accessible to insert and remove the hands easily.

The inner pocket is only thin polyester and cotton but Larger than our hand warmer size. which can be held in the hands inside the muff even with woollen gloves on and if the heat pack is warmed and wrapped in tin foil shiny side inside then the heat used in the first 45 min will be reduced but will last well over 1.5 hours, The pocket is also big enough to hold a small purse as well.

Victorian style Muff in  use