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Top up Vials
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Topping up the Aroma of your Cooleze products,
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All our products containing Essential Oil/s can be topped up  by  using a maximum of  1/2 drop of the relevant Essential Oil, to purchase the EO’s would cost around £3.00 for 10 ml,of each oil in the item  and the rate of using for a top up  which should last for about 4/5 months, means that the 10 ml should last about 6/8 years, but before this time the oil would have gone off loosing efficacy (power) also wasting money,   

We can also supply blends or single  pure EO’s in  2 ml vials for £1.00 which when the vial is shaken slightly then the inside of the screwtop will be wet at the bottom, you then need to make a corner of the flattened seam into a pointed shape by folding the corner and inserting this into the bottom of the cap to soak up the oil, do this on both corners of the flattend seam as the cap will only have a small quantity (about 1/4 drop,each time) this will recharge the aroma for another 4/5 months.

These can be posted in matter of days all we require is a phone call saying which blend /oil you require and we will accept Paypal using credit card or debit card payments by phone , by using pay pal for any oil or blend, we will then post your order the following day.

 Please Phone  0845-1080-894 (Local call rate if you use BT other networks could be higher) for contact address.  01246-550-577 if our call centre takes your call please select 2 stateing your name and  contact number and question we will phone you on our return   Or try mobile  0795-0971-269

The picture to the left is  a facsimile of the instruction sheet packed with each order supplied this allows the recognition of the oils you have purchased, also a confirmation of the quality of the oils, a warning to keep them out of children's reach and a contact phone number for further supplies


Top up Oils

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